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 12ск электронная беспроводная трансмиссия от Tiso 
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Сообщение 12ск электронная беспроводная трансмиссия от Tiso

Since our original post earlier this week, we’ve received some bigger, better photos and additional details. Some of these we added to that first post, but more pics are here. In case you missed the update, here’s the highlight reel:
- All components will get properly finished, with the front derailleur above more representative of the final look. Yes, this is way better than the first batch of pics.
- The rear derailleur’s servo motor cover will likely be carbon fiber and much sleeker in shape than what’s shown here.
- The battery box will be smaller and sleeker and house a tiny secondary memory battery to save system settings. The main system will still be powered by AA’s, and if you haven’t got a set of rechargeables, Sanyo’s Eneloop NiMH batteries are the only ones worth a damn.
- Shifters can be set for 10, 11 or 12 speed systems, letting you add the levers and derailleurs to any modern road drivetrain and make it electronic.
- They will have their own smartphone app available. If the system gains any traction, it would be really cool to see what third party developers could do with training programs that auto shift to keep you in the right training zone, cadence or effort.
- They start taking orders in January for late Spring delivery (think late April as a target).






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